An Unusual Piece of Luggage.

I shall be returning to the UK for study leave at the end of this week, and I shall be taking a domestic flight within Tanzania.

A particular flight company permits an unusual piece of luggage when one is flying from Mwanza (which is on the shore of Lake Victoria):


Yes, you have read correctly. A bucket of fish is a permitted piece of luggage from Mwanza to Dar es Salaam.

Apparently, the local fish from Lake Victoria is so good that it is very common for people to want to take some with them.

Here is some photographic evidence from my last flight to Dar:


Sadly, I’m not sure my international flight would allow such an unusual piece of luggage. Otherwise, I might have dared to give some rather different Christmas presents this year …

What’s the strangest thing you have ever seen on an airport luggage belt? Or have you ever tried to fly with an unusual piece of luggage?

I’d also appreciate your prayers for safe flights home at the end of this week – thank you!


Food fit for a Monkey? Banana Chutney!

Sorry, there are no monkeys in this blog post. (Though there often are some playing on the roof of my office!)

I thought I would share with you one of my favourite recipes: banana chutney. It’s incredibly easy, delicious, and goes with anything!


  • Ingredients:
    4 cups mashed bananas (1 cup is 2 1/2 large Tanzanian bananas, or 5 mini Tanzanian bananas … I can’t remember how big bananas are in the UK!)
    1 cup chopped onion
    1 cup vinegar
    1 cup sugar

banana-chutney (small).jpg

  • Mix it all together.
  • Boil (and stir a little) for 3 minutes.
  • Let it cool, then add:
    2+ tsp curry powder
    2 tsp cinnamon powder
  • Enjoy!

It can be frozen, or keeps in the fridge for at least 10 days.