A celebration of Genesis in Kabwa

This week we were very pleased to attend the celebration of the book of Genesis being published in another of the languages here, this time in the Kabwa language.

The last time I attended a celebration like this, it was for the book of Genesis in the Ikizu language, 6 months ago. I really enjoyed being able to follow more of the Swahili this time around!

The celebration was held in a very large church in the village of Bukabwa:

Many people gathered in the church:

There was a lot of singing, including some dancing from the choir. A number of speeches were made by bishops and other local Christian leaders:

When the time came for the books to be presented, the Kabwa translators carried the box, dancing with it up the church, followed by others from our office. The bishop then prayed for the books.

One of the Kabwa translators read aloud in Kabwa from a section of Genesis:


After some food together, we were pleased to be able to sell some books, both Genesis and some other books already printed in Kabwa, as well as some Kabwa Calendars for 2016 recently printed.



Please be praying for the Kabwa community, that the book of Genesis would be used by God to speak deeply to the hearts of Kabwa speakers, and that it would bring them to know more closely their wonderful and powerful Creator God.


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