Then the rain came down.

In Musoma we’re enjoying one of our rainy seasons. Everything is so green!

Here, when it rains, it really rains!


A couple of weeks ago, when my house-mate was away for the weekend, I was enjoying cooking in the kitchen on the Friday evening. It started raining pretty hard, but that’s fairly normal at the moment.

When I’d finished cooking I went into the sitting room, only to find what had previously been a small hole in the ceiling (caused by the resident bats) was now a much larger crack!


There was water and bat poo, washed in from the loft, all over the floor!

Praise God, it could have been so much worse. The week before we’d moved all of the soft furniture elsewhere, for totally unrelated reasons.
When the ceiling cracked, it would have been right above our sofa; however, as it was, nothing at all was damaged! Praise God for his careful timing!

I was able to elicit helpful advice over the weekend, and on Monday morning a colleague came over with a local “fundi” (handyman), who had already been booked to be working at my colleague’s house that day.

They investigated the loft …


washed out the gutters and replaced missing nails in the roof…


trimmed the trees whose branches were in danger of damaging the roof further…


and replaced the damaged ceiling board…




all in one day!

We’re now thinking of potential mural ideas for our blank canvas!


All in all, a pretty adventurous weekend, but one that I actually quite enjoyed and which left me feeling very thankful: for helpful colleagues, for hard-working handymen, for my Swahili holding out all day, and for God’s perfect timing and provision.


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