A weird kind of normal.

Recently I’ve noticed a few things, which would certainly have been classed in my “weird” category this time last year, that have become normal for me here in Tanzania.

Here in the office we get a number of visitors … not all of them human:
monkeys1 monkeys2
These cheeky monkeys are playing and fighting on our office roof almost every day: amusing at times, but they can be so noisy!

When I open my curtains in the morning, I have to try to remember to do so with care, otherwise I may end up with someone landing on my head …
gecko2 gecko1
Geckos love to hide between the layers of my curtains! I mostly don’t mind them, and they help me by catching insects. However, I prefer it if they refrain from climbing on me.
I managed to catch this little guy who was hanging out on the inside of my mosquito net one evening:gecko3

Another animal related one … our neighbour found this hanging out in her yard:
chameleon1Chameleons are fairly common here, but they’re not usually so orange!

Last weekend I visited the local second-hand market with a friend:
mitumba2 mitumba1
You can find some great things there, although I was pleased that I was with someone who knew her way around … it feels a little like you might end up in Narnia!

I also realised last week that there are some things that used to be normal, but now seem very strange …
Our short rainy season has started, and so the weather is a little cooler than normal (getting as cold as 19 degrees Celsius at night!).

Last week I walked to work in the rain, and wore a jumper! Weird or what?!
rain2This was taken from my office during a midday thunderstorm; I was very pleased to be inside in the dry!


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