A Tale of Two Doors

The doors in question belong to my house in Musoma.

At first you might think these were two very boring doors … but you’d be wrong. They have a rather funny tale to tell.


Left: the side door. Right: the front door.

Now, the tale starts with the door on the left, the side door, which leads to the kitchen.

This was a rather temperamental door, and over time it grew to dislike being unlocked and locked again every single day. It frequently would have arguments with the keys that were attempting to do all this locking and unlocking.

One day it decided it had had enough; it was not going to tolerate the behaviour of these keys any longer! However, it was not a totally unreasonable door, and it knew that its job was to open and close. So it decided to still permit the keys entry, but only from the outside. The keys were no longer permitted entry, however, from the inside of this door.


So now we turn to its neighbour, the front door.
This door was, in general, a much more even-tempered door than its neighbour the side door. It had a pretty good relationship with the keys, and most days was quite content with the locking and unlocking and opening and closing that its job required.

However, the consequences of the side door’s actions, in refusing entry to the keys from the inside,  had tragic, unforeseen consequences for the front door.

At first, the front door did not mind being more regularly used. It felt quite important, having to be relied upon more. However, the strain of all this extra work began to take its toll. He grew more and more tired each day.
Then, one tragic, fateful day, as someone went to open him, the handle on the outside snapped clean-off!


So, now the doors are waiting together for a nice “fundi” (handy-man) to come and fix them.
In the mean time, the doors are trying to cooperate as best as they are able (however, the side door is still refusing entry to the keys from the inside). People can still lock themselves into the house at night, or lock the house up from the outside during the day.
It just involves a little more planning than usual!



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