Jesus speaks Simbiti and Jita!

Last week our team had the joy of launching the Jesus Film in the Simbiti and Jita languages!

Jita JesusFilm1 crop

For those who haven’t heard of it, the Jesus Film is a two-hour film detailing the life of Jesus Christ, based on the gospel of Luke (the name kind of gives it away!).
The film has been translated and dubbed into over 1,300 languages worldwide!

And now, it has been released in two more of the languages we work with here: Simbiti and Jita (click on the names to view the Jesus Film in those languages!).

Crowds of a few hundred people turned up both evenings, with a couple of hundred people standing up at the end wanting to give their lives to Jesus.

Praise God that more people are praising him today in their heart languages!

These are some pictures of the Simbiti premier:

Simbiti JesusFilm1

Simbiti JesusFilm2

Simbiti JesusFilm3


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