Pilikapilika is a great Swahili word, meaning something like ‘hustle and bustle’.

Last week I enjoyed a trip to Dar es Salaam for our organisation’s Uganda-Tanzania branch conference and retreat.
There was time for rest:

sunrise peace

I’m in the centre, on the beach – a friend caught me enjoying the sunrise

There was also a lot of hustle and bustle, particularly when travelling:

Dar bajaj

Using a popular Dar mode of transport – a bajaj – to get to the airport, in order to avoid the worst of the traffic jams!

We returned via Nairobi to pick up supplies for ourselves and colleagues.
I enjoyed perusing some of the shops, seeing what can be found in a big city.

It was rather bewildering – I never expected books and tea to causeĀ me culture shock!

Nairobi teaNairobi books

All in all, I really enjoyed catching up with friends and meeting new colleagues, the pilikapilika was worth it, but I am pleased to return to peaceful Musoma!

Musoma sunset

Beautiful Lake Victoria, in Musoma.


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