A Weekend of Firsts.

This weekend contained 3 firsts for me:

1) Hebrew folk dancing – not too fast or complicated and a lot of fun!

2) Ultimate Frisbee – not technically a complete first. I played once 6 years ago and really did not have fun, but this time I enjoyed it!

3) Celebrating the 4th of July – this has simply passed me by every year so far, but with a significant proportion of my new colleagues being American, I couldn’t miss it this year!
We had a wonderful time together, sharing food, playing games (another first – witnessing a watermelon-seed spitting contest! Apparently it’s normal 4th of July behaviour …), singing around a campfire, and home-made fireworks!


Most of the team of SIL missionaries here in Musoma. The Dutch, Germans and English all joined the many Americans for 4th of July celebrations!


There was much singing around the campfire; sometimes it was silly, sometimes contemplative, and sometimes very Dutch (hilariously wonderful!).


Very impressive and ingenious fireworks.

Oh, and we made lemonade again. Yum…



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