Water: from river to water bottle

When thinking the other day about what I’m thankful for here, my water filter came out pretty high on my list.

So I thought I’d share with you the journey that water takes, here in Iringa, before it reaches my water bottle …brown river

Well, it all starts in the river. One of the kids likened it to the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; sounds yummy … but on closer attention, no thank you!




It then travels from the top of the waterfall, through various channels dug around the campsite, in order to reduce the amount of sediment in the water. It does a pretty good job. This is what comes out of the taps:tap water

Alright for washing with, but drinking? No thank you!





We then fill up my friend’s Katadyn filter (which is a bit speedier, but we think perhaps not so careful as mine) which filters the water into my bucket:katadyn




After this, the water then is filtered from my bucket, through my Tulip water filter, into the big water bottle:tulip1 tulip2






Hey presto – drinking water!!drinking water



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